Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Sad Trip to the Sale Barn

We took a full load in the new trailer to the sale barn Friday. Ted finally purchased a really nice stock trailer so we don't have to borrow from Uncle Charles anymore. We weaned the whole spring calf crop and sold them along with a couple of older cows. Here is the new rig fully loaded.
Here is the corral full of sale animals, waiting to be loaded on the trailer. The black cows are Bossy and Star, 2 of the original 4 recip cows we bought before we even moved here. They say you should not keep a cow past 10 or 11 years. These two old girls are at least that and maybe older. We have had them for 6 years and they were as old as 6 when we bought them. This is Star, in the middle of this picture, the big black cow with white on her head. She is scarred and ugly, but she was a fun cow. She had a funny personality that just made you chuckle. When ever we would go out to check the herd, Star would lift her head and moo really loudly. She was asking, "Have you got anything for me?" If we said nothing, she would go back to her grass. However, if we gave our "come and get it" call back to her, she would come running like a banshee. She would go anywhere and do anything for food. We have had Star GALLOP after us behind the 4-wheeler, following a bucket of grain, all the way from one end of the farm to the other. She was hilarious! Star is the mother of my beloved Annabelle, ( Annabelle is one of 2 cows I have taken as my own and who will never be sold) and because of that, she is special to me. I never thought I would cry over a cow, but I did. The guys at the sale barn had a good laugh. But Star was special and I really enjoyed her presence on the farm. I will miss her.

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