Friday, August 1, 2008

July 2008 Trip to Chicago: Day Three

On Saturday, Jes was off work and we all went to the City on the train.
Claire was excited to take her very first train ride and bus ride! Below are the revolving doors at Ogilvie Station on Madison.
We walked to Millennium Park and saw the "Bean".

Here's ClaireAnna playing in the face fountian. These faces change and then spit water out. It's weird.
We stopped in front of the Art Museum but didn't go in. We walked to the Shedd Aquarium. This shot below is just outside the Shedd.

Beluga WhalesThis is inside the oceanarium, looking out across the dolphin pool, through the window at the lake. Our favorite things at the Shedd were the dolphin show and the sea dragons - very elaborate sea horses - crazy looking animals! After the Shedd, we walked to the Field Museum.
Looking out at the city standing on the steps of the Field Museum.
After the museum, we took a bus back to Olgilvie and then a taxi to Ed Debevics. For those who don't know, Ed's is a 50's type diner where the waiters are rude to you and dress up and act crazy. Every so often, they jump up on the counters to dance. Here's a shot of some of the wait staff dancing to YMCA.

Yummy! Cheeseburgers and Chocolate Shakes!
( Jes got a quesadia??)

The train ride home with an Ed Debevic's hat on.
We got home late, close to 10:00 Pm. What a fun day!

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