Saturday, January 7, 2012

Even More Beautiful On The Inside

You may have heard the tragic story of Lauren Scruggs, a beautiful, young model who, just before Christmas this year,  accidentally walked into the moving propeller of an airplane and was severely, devastatingly injured.  There have been many news stories about her inspiring bravery and strength during her journey of recovery.  Some of them mention "faith" or that she "prays."  But the media is not reporting the whole story...the true story.  They are not telling the world that Lauren Scruggs is a born again Christian who loves Jesus and possesses an enviable, rock solid, faith in God.  I just watched one video on a major news outlet that went on and on about how inspiring she was, but never once mentioned her faith in Christ.  Yes, she is strong and courageous as the media tells us, but she is these things, by her own admission, only through that faith.  How else could she have expressed this thought just recently.....

"this isn't what I would have chosen, but God knows what He is doing, and I have Joy in knowing that He has chosen me to Glorify Him in this.  I am excited to see how I can be used." 
Lauren Scruggs

Only deep faith in the One True God can inspire a young woman to utter these words after she's been permanently disfigured and disabled, wracked with horrible pain, had her left hand amputated and lost her left eye.   

And used, she will be, and has already been, to strengthen my own faith and that of so many others around the world who have had the privilege to read her story as it has unfolded.  If you want to be inspired in your personal walk with God, read Lauren's Caring Bridge page, written by her mother, another amazing woman of faith, on this website linked below.  Today's post was especially heart touching, thought provoking, tear producing and gratitude inducing.  

Sign up is free and simple and more then worth it to be able to learn the whole truth about this incredible young woman and her equally incredible family.  You will be blessed by the effort, I assure you.  (Once signed up, click on "Journal.")

Lauren's Caring Bridge Page

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