Friday, January 20, 2012

Not Enough

ClaireAnna and I counted round bales today to see how we're doing with our supply for the rest of the winter. The numbers aren't what I'd hoped.  We're going to have to find some bales somewhere and I know it will cost us a pretty penny.  The summer was so hot and dry that hay is very scarce in Arkansas this year and overpriced when you can find it.  I do not like being in this situation.  You can bet that next year, we'll not be selling our excess, just in case this ever happens again.  We've always just trusted our hay fields to provide what we need.  They've done that and much more for eight years.  This year, they did not and it has been quite unnerving.  We've learned the hard way that one must prepare for the lean times during the times of plenty.   From now on, we'll carry over a supply of hay from year to year and only sell the extra when we've got next year's supply in the barn.  Lesson learned.

In the mean time, a farm girl can still have fun in the hay barn.

What is that black thing up in the rafters of the hay barn?
It's a kid! 
After evening chores, she takes a break to cuddle her cat, Ricky.

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