Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Best Friend Western Bareback Pad

We bought this bareback pad for ClaireAnna for Christmas and she was so excited to try it out today on Cindy! This is a very attractive and well made pad.  When I opened the box from UPS, I found the pad to be just what I was hoping for.  We are very happy with it in every way!  I ordered it online directly from the manufacturer after researching several options.  I looked online and in stores and finally decided to go with this one because of the easy girth system and the non slip security provided by the neoprene bottom and girth.  I also did not want a pad with stirrups since I know those are not safe.  The pad comes in seven color combinations and is $69.99.  I found the price to be very reasonable for the quality. There are cheaper pads out there but they just don't measure up.  A more expensive pad would simply be unnecessary.   

ClaireAnna put it on by herself with no instructions and no help. 

The non-slip neoprene bottom really helps this pad stay in place
and is comfortable for the horse.
The girth is made of the same material. 

The pad gives a nice grip and helps ClaireAnna feel more secure
It will also keep her jeans from getting sweated through on longer rides. 

There is just the right amount of cushion to give the rider some
comfort but still keep a close contact feel.  
This girth system is excellent, very easy to use and tighten
 - just a simple buckle on both sides.
The pad should fit almost any size horse.
This is a medium pony and there is quite a bit of extra strap
on both sides, but also some holes left.  
ClaireAnna loves the pocket! 

And the water bottle holder! 

It's easy to get cuddly with your pony when using the
Best Friend Western Bareback Pad!

I know ClaireAnna will have many happy hours riding her ponies in this great bareback pad! We love it! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your Bareback pad experience, I'm in the market and my Birthday is coming up so I think this will go on my "wish list". :) Thanks.


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