Tuesday, January 24, 2012

LAPBOOK: Chemistry

 We took over a year to make this lapbook.  The unit study and printables can be found HERE.  We went through the book Christian Kids Explore Chemistry and as we came to appropriate sections, would complete the section and mini book from the unit study.  We also did some extra experiments, took photos and did a mini book on them.  Some of our mini books we made up ourselves but most are from the free one online.  Once we were done with our chemistry study, we had an envelope full of mini books to put into the lapbook.  We also printed off several photos, charts and graphs to include.  This is the biggest and most complete lapbook we've ever done. It was lots of fun and is now a great tool for review for ClaireAnna.  Click on the photos to enlarge.

This middle section contains several mini reports of important chemists.
On the right is a time line of their lives and a map showing country of origin. 

We learned about molecules, atoms and nano particles.

We learned what every bit of information on the periodic table stands for. 

We learned all about the different sections of the periodic table. 

 This pocket contains pictures of molecules made with this molecule kit.
On the back is the name of the molecule in words and symbols. 

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