Saturday, January 21, 2012

RECIPE: Potato Pack

We've been making this for many years and it is still a family favorite.  And so easy!

3 large Potatoes
3 large Carrots
1 med Onion
Salt and Pepper
Dried or fresh parsley
Butter or olive oil
Non stick cooking spray

Tear off a large piece of heavy duty aluminum foil about 2 1/2 feet long. Spray the foil with non stick cooking spray.  Wash potatoes and slice thinly, about 1/4 inch thick.  Lay down slices flat in a layer in the middle of the foil about 12" X 12" and then add more layers on top till the potatoes are gone.  Peel carrots and slice very thinly.  (I use the slicer blade on the Microplane grater pictured. You can also use a mandolin.)  Place carrot slices on top of potatoes.  Peal the onion, cut in half, and then slice very thinly.  Sprinkle onion slices over carrots.   Salt and pepper the whole thing and sprinkle with parsley to taste.  Now, if you want to, you can place some dabs of butter over the vegetables or drizzle them with olive oil.  Once your 12" X 12" pile of vegies is just the way you like it, fold the foil over it and seal all the edges.  Then place the pack on the grill.  For my gas grill, this takes 12 - 15 minutes on almost high heat.  Yours may vary.  You want to cook the potatoes fast enough to get a nice caramelization on the bottom.  This amount serves 4.  We also sometimes add zucchini, but be sure to slice it think enough so it says tender-crisp.  You can also make these in individual sizes.

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