Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All Dressed Up!

ClaireAnna got out The Grinch today and tried on the outfit she got...for him....for her....for Christmas.  Let me try that again - it was her gift, but his outfit.  Follow me? And in case you didn't know, that's just exactly what 10 year old cowgirls want for Christmas - stuff to make their horses pretty!  ClaireAnna decided a long time ago that The Grinch's color is royal blue. So blue it is! Blue saddle pad. Blue bridle. Blue reins. Blue breast plate. Blue splint boots.  Blue bell boots.  (Boots were not tried on today due to muddy legs and hooves.)

Coming up out of the pasture.
For shame.  A red halter.
He does have a blue one....

I love this pony's butt.
It's very appropriate to say that about a horse.
(I only get in trouble when I say it about Hugh Jackman.)
But I digress.  Great job, ClaireAnna! on getting
Grinch's hooves clean. 

Making him pretty.

See Grinch? It's blue! 

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