Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Days Past Are More

By Lisa Marie Harmon

I want nothing
What I have and what I lack
Are equally nothing
Right now
With eyes closed
I stop
And seek only to be closer
I cling to his body
And soak in the peace of our oneness
Absorbing the heat he radiates
I press into him
And kiss his forehead
I hear his heart beat
Feel his breath
And press closer
I want to keep him
To stop him from leaving me
I can’t
He will leave me
Or… I will leave him
I want nothing
Just to keep now
To be Us
His grey beard betrays me
The days past are more
I press closer
And will it to stop
And know that it never will
So I stop
And hold tightly
And breathe him in
With eyes closed
I quietly feel him
And think nothing
But know deeply
That for this moment
We are Us
And I want nothing

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