Sunday, December 1, 2013

I Cried Today

For my oldest......

I cried today
When I thought of you
I was driving into town
Mind blank
Rotely bored
And then
I pictured your face
And your beautiful smile
And I smiled
I pictured that curly wild hair
Your sharp humor
And I grinned
I swelled
Proud of your accomplishments
Your hard work
Your high standards
And thanked God
For letting me be
Your mom
I thought about the baby you
The toddler you
The teenage you
And my eyes started to well
What a blessing
For all these years
So much joy
But then I thought about
The future you
And all the fun
And friendship
And love
We have yet to share
And I cried
A deep and joyful cry
So grateful
So happy
To have you
For a daughter
And a friend
For the rest of my life
I love you
So much
My Jes

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